What and Why of WordCamp in the Lehigh Valley

A few people who enjoyed using a particular computer program got together to exchange ideas and ask questions.  For many of them hearing from others ideas in person was a key to understanding more deeply the workings and possibilities of this program.

Of course, the program was WordPress, and the group of people was our local WordPress Meetup. Starting the fall of 2014, our meetings met at the local co-working space SoBeCoWorks.  Then as we’ve grown we’ve moved to NCC South Side or at the BridgWorks in Allentown.  Our meetings are open to all people at all levels of skills.  From brand new business folks to hardcore programmers.  Our monthly meeting turned into hosting a yearly WordCamp.  Having a WordCamp allows us to invite people to share what they have been doing with WordPress.  In the same spirit of our meetings, a WordCamp is a community of everyday people helping one another learn.

The best part of WordCamp is it’s only $20 for the day!  This event is kept inexpensive by the hard work of an all-volunteer staff (including the speakers), space provided by NCC and the generous sponsorship by local and national companies who support the WordPress community.

This year’s WordCamp will take place August 19, 2017.   Along with 12 speakers on a variety of WordPress related subjects, a 3-hour morning session is planned for those new to the WordPress platform.   Our hopes are that this event will not only be a great place to learn something new but an opportunity to network with people in our area!  We hope you can join us!  Get your ticket today!