Things to Know: WordCamp LV Happiness Bar!

What is a Happiness Bar?

If you’ve been to WordCamps before, you may be familiar with the Happiness Bar. If not, you may be wondering what it is…and if you should check it out.

So what exactly IS a Happiness Bar?

The WordCamp Happiness Bar is basically FREE help for your website. The Happiness Bar is staffed with volunteer WordPress users, designers, and developers who are offering their experience and expertise to help you. So what might they be able to help you with?

Plugin advice
Theme advice
CSS help
HTML help
Code issues
Security advice

Who staffs the Happiness Bar?

Volunteers. Everything that happens at WordCamp happens because of volunteers. From the organizers to the speakers to the people at the registration table to the Happiness Bar exists because of volunteers. As such, not every volunteer may be able to solve every issue. If they can’t…they can usually direct you to someone or resources who can.

Sometimes our speakers will head to the Happiness Bar after their talks, too. So if you want to “continue the conversation” that’s a great place to be.

Why go to the Happiness Bar?

Whether you have a question you need answered, code that needs to be reviewed or just want to get some work done, this is the place to be. Come and ask questions, answer questions and meet new friends. If it’s a WordPress question, you can ask it at the Happiness Bar!

Please Note: Not all problems can be solved quickly and easily. Although the Happiness Bar is a place to get you going in the right direction, you might need to continue the conversation after WordCamp. And, not to disappoint you, but that might cost money. Volunteers will do their best to help you as much as possible during the weekend, but sometimes, you just need a professional.

WordCamp Lehigh Valley is SOLD OUT!

We are happy to announce we are SOLD OUT!  Every seat is filled! 

But wait, did you really want to attend a WordCamp?  Lucky for you there are 3 coming up in our Tri-State area this October, and Pittsburgh will be hosting a WordCamp September!  See the links below, and if you want to go don’t wait to get your ticket!  WordCamps sell out!

WordCamp Pittsburgh  Sept. 9

WordCamp Baltimore Oct. 14-15

WordCamp NYC  Oct. 21-22

WordCamp Philly Oct. 28 -29

Hashtag – Pass it ON!

Pass it on! Let your followers know! Share about WordCamp Lehigh Valley on your social media! This is our second year in the Lehigh Valley, but we still run into folks surprised to learn there is a WordCamp right in their backyard!

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Our hashtag is #WCLVPA (because we are NOT Las Vagas 😉

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We suspect we will sell out soon, so don’t risk missing out!  Get your ticket today!